Adopt a dog for your next Christmas gift!

This was our Christmas gift 10 years ago and we love her so much!



 Edmonton Humane Society is the best place to get the most loving and caring Christmas gift for your family and you save a life at the same time!

We started adopting dogs when the kids were very small and ever since that we’ve always had a dog in our family. The first dog we adopted was Shep and she was a beautiful Shepard/Lab cross she got very sick and passed away at age 13 after that we decided no more dogs…too much responsibility for young kids. But then…

Christmas time 10 years ago we decided as a family we wanted to adopt another dog so away we went to the Edmonton Humane Society . When we got there it was very overwhelming there were all kinds of cats and dogs making all kinds of sounds. We walked around for awhile almost in tears because we wanted to take them all home but could only have one.

We wanted a mixed breed, we had narrowed it down to two.  One was on top of her bed barking and the other was under her bed not making any noise just looking at us with those sad eyes.  The kids chose Dorla. She was the sweetest pup ever and so cute. After we got all the paperwork out of the way we took her to her new home it wasn’t long before we changed her name to Missy. 


Missy loves her hugs and cuddles. She’s a very smart pup and very well behaved we even have a family with 3 kids that puppy sit her once in awhile. We’ve always trained our dogs not to go on the furniture and hardwood floors but this family spoils her rotten.

She is an indoor/outdoor dog which means she sheds like crazy! Sometimes the kids make another Missy out her LOL. 

Missy loves the outdoors. We go camping all summer from April to October. She gets so excited sometimes she cries to get out of the vehicle! She’s an awesome traveller and can be happy anywhere.


She’s getting to be an old girl now but we still call her our pup ♥

Just remember that this gift is the best, it will bring love and laughter to your families for a very long time. Go visit the Edmonton Humane Society.

The SPCA (Edmonton Humane Society) is open:

Adoption Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12 – 7pm
Wednesday 2 – 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday 12 – 5 pm
Holidays (Excluding Mondays) 1 – 5 pm

If you were to adopt a dog or cat what breed would you choose? And Why?

Let me know…

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New career choice

So why did I want to go back to driving a school bus filled with screaming kids…well it was a hard decision but I did it anyway!

I’m at a point in my life where I just don’t want to work all day if I can help it. When you sign up for bus driving you have the option to work as little or as many hours as you like. I’m happy working 4 hours a day I can still get stuff done during the day and  pick up the kids from school in the afternoon.

When I signed up for this I didn’t expect to have to go through all the training again, boy was there a lot of training! I drove 13 years ago at that time a small town and basically had to get my Class 2 that’s it! Well driving in the city I had to renew my Class 2 and go for 2 weeks of training!

So they gave me a route in the city which I have to do as many turns as possible without forgetting any kids…Seriously! I’ve almost mastered it 🙂 Now besides the 2 way radio I have to pay attention to the kids also want the radio blasted so they can dance in the aisle. So it’s kinda like musical chairs when I turn the radio up they start moving around…then I turn it off and they all scramble to find a seat because they know they’re in trouble! 

It’s actually not that bad the kids are starting to listening to me.

Besides all this it’s a pretty good job for me. I have all weekends, Stats, Christmas, Spring Break and Summer off!

First step of our retirement…

So since I posted last we have camped almost every weekend, bought an RV lot at a local campground and have put the acreage up for sale.

Yes it’s been a busy Spring/Summer so far.

When we purchased the lot we started cleaning it up right away…tore down most of the fence and burned it, cut the grass and stained the deck and shed deck. Looks much better now but still lots to do.

We go for walks every night and found this little pig on a leash…so cute. The people are very nice; smiling, waving and go out of their way to socialize.

The beach area is really nice for an “Alberta Beach” the sand is combed every day, the playground is old but nice, they have a huge fire pit area to accommodate a large crowd and they have a recreation center to rent for big get togethers.

The campground still needs lots of TLC but we thought it was a good location and could fit all the vehicles on the lot without being cramped. Next year we will build a better deck, firepit area and workshop for my husband. This year we’ll just leave it as is and enjoy 🙂

First Campout of the Season

Well the 3rd weekend in April we ventured out for the first time this season…let’s just say winter wasn’t gone yet  😑.

So a bunch of us decided we would go camping for the Easter long weekend. To get spots close together we went out Wednesday night. For the first trip we always camp close to home incase we forget anything.

We did watch the weather but didn’t think it was going to be that bad. Well it snowed probably 4 inches. That was a lot of snow. It’s a good thing we had winter gear in the trailer. We’re not the type of people to stay in our trailers so we put a tarp over the fire to cover us from the snow and made the best of it.

We all gathered around the fire everyday to cook, warm up and dry wet clothing. We definitely burnt a lot of wood!

We had a tripod made for us so it was both entertaining, useful and a conversation piece. We made all of our meals on it as well as dried wet clothing!

Our son got bored and decided he wanted to go sledding…we didn’t have a sled or a hill so we compromised. We tied a rope to my wrangler and used a Tupperware lid as the sled.  Both Justin and Kaitlyn had a blast!  😊

So because we were returning  the next Wednesday and the roads are very slushy and muddy we decided to stay the week. We were both going to work from the campground…it’s very handy.

We really don’t want to camp in the snow and 2° weather anymore so smarten up mother nature!!!

Well…… since this weekend we have been out camping 3 more times the weather has been better but not the best. May long weekend is coming up so we’re heading out to camp at the flying field with our friends and family. We’re told there’s still a lot of standing water so to bring our bug spray and rubber boots.

Hopefully we can get some outdoor game time. What games do you play when you’re camping? Email me some ideas! 

It’s Camping Season!

Time to get the trailer ready!

As we haul all of our camping stuff up from the basement it’s getting more exciting! While looking after 2 homes in the summer, spending more money and of course drinking that extra beer/wine I’m so excited to spend more time with the people we love and be outdoors! 🙂

It is a lot of work but it’s totally worth it!

While my husband concentrates on getting things like:

  • Batteries
  • Inverter
  • Solar panels
  • De Winterizing
  • Cleaning the outside of the trailer
  • loading all the bins, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Oh and helping friends do the same thing 🙂 It’s really a big family affair.

I am busy loading:

  • Linens
  • Making beds
  • Cleaning every cupboard and drawer
  • Cooking supplies
  • Food (wait till it’s not freezing outside anymore)
  • Clothing

Here’s a quick checklist to go by when getting your trailer ready for the road.

I also print out lists every time just so I don’t forget anything. These are the most ultimate checklists from RV Goddess that I’ve found so far!

We start camping at local campgrounds. It’s a good idea because if you forgot something important you can just run home to grab it. While we do start camping early April it tends to be a bit chilly day and night. During the day we play outdoor games, go for walks and maybe have a fire. During the night we will have a fire, sometimes go for another walk, have some drinks and maybe play an indoor game or watch a movie and visit. This trip is basically just to get out of the house, get the wrinkles out in the trailer and get together with friends for the season kickoff.

We tend to do most of our cooking outside (prep and all) when the weather is nice but there are times when the weather is cold (like April) that we’ll prep inside but still cook outside.

Let me know how your first trip out went!

Happy Camping

Cup holder for RV

My husband decided last year while sitting in his lazy-boy chair in the 5th Wheel that he needed a cup holder…So last week he designed and made one using Walnut wood.

So he started by making a long narrow box for the strip behind the chairs.

The cup holder is sort of a “T” between the two chairs. He then made the cup holder base. Glued and screwed all of it together.

The next pictures are a rough in fit before it gets finished. The black inserts come from Amazon.

It’s a perfect fit! Works awesome and is a beautiful addition to our trailer! 🙂

Well into the decluttering

Well my day has consisted of decluttering and cleaning half of my kitchen, Doritos, Ichiban, beer and playing with my pup 🙂

I didn’t realize how much crap I had in my cabinets and drawers. 2 boxes of dishes, a big bag of garbage, games and cookbooks which are all going to be donated.

Didn’t want to stop so had to quench the hunger and thirst with some junk food 🙂

Still have the other half to tackle tomorrow. Trying to do a little at a time so it’s not so overwhelming. 

Put the For Sale sign out this past weekend just in case we had some “Sunday Drivers” lookin around. My son and his friend came on Sunday to film the house for our upcoming website! The website is going to have all of the details of our house, the price, photos and a video.

I will post all the details when complete.

Decluttering, Cleaning and Staging























Now that all the holidays are over I have started to declutter the house to get it ready to list in April.

I have sold a bunch of the big furniture and accessories,  taken a couple truck loads to the dump and now am left with a big pile of garage sale items.

Not sure if I’ll have a garage sale or just set it all up in the basement for people to come browse. What would you do??

The dreaded task of cleaning…

I don’t know about you but I hate cleaning! But if we want to sell our house I guess I better use a little elbow grease.

I don’t think it’s that bad if you do a little at a time until the deep clean is done…then you just have to keep up with the upkeep 🙂

Staging your home is probably the hardest thing to do if you don’t have a decorator’s eye like me 🙁 But thank god my husband’s really good at it! 

I have so many old decorations like all my African statues and pictures that I’ve had for ever. Well we decided to pack those away (garage sale items) and invest in newer more contemporary pieces but like I said I have no idea what looks good and in what area so I’m really struggling with this task 🙁  so If you have any ideas or know of any websites I could look at for ideas I would appreciate it 🙂 

Christmas Has Come And Gone

Well Christmas has come and gone for another year…

It’s been a busy one.

Christmas TreeFireplace

My husband thought he needed a bigger T.V. The  picture on top is from last Christmas when we had a 52″ T.V. The picture on the bottom is the 70″ T.V. we have now. He claims it will help “sell” the house 🙂 I don’t know about that; but he got it pre Boxing Day sale.


Meanwhile he has been trying to get the house done so we can list it in the spring! We had to finish the stairs, railing and baseboard. We had to put crown mouldings on our ceiling because the contractor we had hired at the time didn’t put enough adhesive on the tape so it was coming off 🙁


For our Christmas we had a relaxing day with appetizers and pizza with wings as meals. My kids had their turkey meals at their boyfriend / girlfriends house so we decided to make it less formal.

Now to plan our party!

We decided since we’re listing our house in the spring we should probably have one last party with our friends and family…


It’s Christmas Time!

Well Christmas is  just over 2 weeks away and I feel so thankful for everything in my life on a daily basis 🙂

…I wasn’t going to decorate but the families coming over so I thought I’d do a little.

Maybe take in a couple Christmas movies with some popcorn and hot chocolate!

Hopefully it will be our last Christmas in this house as we are going to be listing it for sale in the spring!

“Being our last year” to decorate I decided to break out the Pinterest and do some different decorating 🙂

It was actually very easy to do and more up to date than my “old” decorations.

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