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On a day to day basis most of us have a routine whether it be described as mundane, routine, natural or habitual.

Las Vegas Here We Come

We had a great Thanksgiving with the family. Now it’s time to get ready for Vegas!

We told the kids once they were of age we would all go to Vegas for a couple days…well we leave tomorrow!

Not sure what to pack so I did some research.



Top 10 things to do in Vegas?

Ever think about jumping off the Stratosphere???


And where to eat?

How about having a steak at Gordon Ramseys Restaurant?!


Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 🙂

Back from Vegas! Here’s a couple pictures!



Well as the weather starts to get colder and the trailer is put away it’s time to think about the winter festivities. Thanksgiving is coming up quick so I hope you picked up your turkey, ham or whatever you’re having for the special day! I have been notified that my son and daughter- in- law will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner at our house which is awesome!

Thought I would add a couple charts for the turkey cooking.


And for those of you that would rather have ham here are a couple different ways to cook it so it tastes delish! Cook the ham in a slow cooker!


Or the old fashioned oven recipe.


As for the sides we’re just having the basic potato, gravy. stuffing and salad.

Of course appies while the birds in the oven!

Have a wonderful long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

House for sale!!!

So we’re getting close to ending the camping season, we have spent every weekend and many week days in our trailer and don’t want it to end.

As previously talked about in the past posts Doug and I have decided to put our “Dream Home” for sale in the spring of 2017. We will be moving into our trailer as soon as it sells and then we’ll see where life takes us from there 🙂

It’s going to be a very busy winter getting everything ready for the new prospective owners but whoever decides to take over our home will love it as we have for many years.

As the camping season ends and the decluttering begins I will be updating this website regularly. I will be posting a sneak peek of our home on Facebook for you all to check out.

The RV Living plan

So Doug and I were talking one evening and asked ourselves…Why are we living in such a big house, paying the utilities. Taxes, mortgage and insurance when we don’t actually spend a lot of time here? Just seemed silly.

We’ve always been avid RVers so we knew we could possibly live in a Trailer. I say possibly because a lot of people decide to do it but change there minds. But we have decided to give it a shot! Home is ...We’re not sure if we’re going to sell everything right away or rent out the house for a couple years to see how it goes. We had a 5th wheel Titanium Trailer that we lived in for the first 7 months while we were building our house so we’ve had it for approximately 11 years. As it was older and didn’t have the floor plan we were looking for in a trailer we could retire in we decided to sell it and buy a more suitable, newer Trailer.

We have a lot of things to consider while were making this drastic change in our lives.

  • Our kids
  • Our families
  • Our friends
  • Careers
  • Our assets (house, vehicles, property, flat deck, cargo trailer, tractor, outdoor maintenance machines, etc…)
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Mail delivery

I think everything is doable though.

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