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We’re on the road a lot whether it be RVing or flying.

First Campout of the Season

Well the 3rd weekend in April we ventured out for the first time this season…let’s just say winter wasn’t gone yet  😑.

So a bunch of us decided we would go camping for the Easter long weekend. To get spots close together we went out Wednesday night. For the first trip we always camp close to home incase we forget anything.

We did watch the weather but didn’t think it was going to be that bad. Well it snowed probably 4 inches. That was a lot of snow. It’s a good thing we had winter gear in the trailer. We’re not the type of people to stay in our trailers so we put a tarp over the fire to cover us from the snow and made the best of it.

We all gathered around the fire everyday to cook, warm up and dry wet clothing. We definitely burnt a lot of wood!

We had a tripod made for us so it was both entertaining, useful and a conversation piece. We made all of our meals on it as well as dried wet clothing!

Our son got bored and decided he wanted to go sledding…we didn’t have a sled or a hill so we compromised. We tied a rope to my wrangler and used a Tupperware lid as the sled.  Both Justin and Kaitlyn had a blast!  😊

So because we were returning  the next Wednesday and the roads are very slushy and muddy we decided to stay the week. We were both going to work from the campground…it’s very handy.

We really don’t want to camp in the snow and 2° weather anymore so smarten up mother nature!!!

Well…… since this weekend we have been out camping 3 more times the weather has been better but not the best. May long weekend is coming up so we’re heading out to camp at the flying field with our friends and family. We’re told there’s still a lot of standing water so to bring our bug spray and rubber boots.

Hopefully we can get some outdoor game time. What games do you play when you’re camping? Email me some ideas! 

The Bawlf Wedding!

So I’m going to tell you a little story.

My family has been going to a friends farm called Alberta’s Littlest Airport just outside of Bawlf Alberta for years. It’s one of the flying events that have kept us coming back because of the owners and people that are there every year including all the kids who have grown up there.

The guys fly , the kids play and the rest of us  relax and visit. The kids have grown close to each other as well as the adults. Relationships have transpired with some of the “Bawlf” kids. Some still going today and some not.

So on this weekend we attended a wedding at the Alberta’s Littlest Airport  that was for “Bawlf Family” only. We were so honored to be invited. Terry Lynn and Skylar met at ALA 4 years ago and decided to get married at the exact same location that they met.

They had the reception in Harvard Hall. This is a lean too building that every body visits in just off the flight line. It’s called Harvard Hall because for years the Blackwells (owners of the farm) had there friends do a fly by with their Harvards.

They did a lot of work to get Harvard Hall looking awesome!


20160813_115701Harvard Hall 20160813_114924 20160813_114919 20160813_114858 20160813_114847

20160813_114827 20160811_184817 20160811_184808
















It was a very casual wedding. Not at all stressful like some are 🙁

Here’s a couple pics of the happy couple and SOME of the original Bawlf kids.

13939472_10153708125602414_669570301571308209_n 13962980_1191787210878783_8910749288171600091_o 20160813_152300

It was a great weekend for all! I would highly recommend checking out this facility on any weekend there’s a flying event. The people are awesome!

Miquelon Lake

We had a free weekend so what did we decide to do?? Stay at home to do some long awaited work on the acreage…nooo we went CAMPING 🙂

Miquelon Lake is just minutes from our house so we decided to pull the trailer there for the weekend. Was just the two of us and the dog but relaxing.

It started with a child’s broken toy and dirty diapers in our site which really erched me.  But after I stopped complaining about that we enjoyed the rest of our weekend.

Miquelon is a pretty nice campground with lots of grass area to play on and a nice playground for the kids to go to. The beach leaves something to desire and you can not go in the lake its not suitable for swimming. The campground is big…lots of sites, park information center, trails, group site and a small golf course at the end.

I had to take a pictures of the path that the leaves were falling on…I couldn’t believe they were all ready falling it was only August! It was a good weekend though.

20160806_112024 20160805_104742 20160805_103357 20160805_103225 20160805_102730 20160804_175005

Fishing at Phyllis Lake

So on the weekend we went fishing with our good friends! We ended up at Phyllis Lake which is close to Spruce View Alberta. It was a really nice campground with the lake in walking distance. Whenever we go fishing together we all use our Belly boats but because they have an awesome 2 year old they bought a fishing boat. Doug and I still used our Belly boats. We didn’t catch anything but was still really fun!

20160731_131907 20160731_130803 20160731_112608 20160730_192406 20160730_112502 20160730_110849 20160730_110203 20160730_105638 20160730_101348 20160729_180445 20160729_175458 20160729_175419 20160729_175415





Their dog Tica…loves the lake!


Can’t camp if you don’t try a Pinterest treat! Kristen made a cinnamon bun in a orange over the fire, was so good!


Until next trip…

Southern Alberta / Saskatchewan Vacation









So the furthest we made it in our Saskatchewan trip is to Cyprus Hills and it was amazing! Too bad we didn’t have more time to venture into Saskatchewan further. We have some great pictures and some not so great pictures to share.

We started out in Balzac Ab. Got a late start leaving home so decided to meet up with some family at the “local” campground. Pretty nice Campground just off the highway. It had rained so much that there were puddles everywhere. We did start a fire but then it started raining again.

Balzac mud

Balzac July 16 park Balzac fire








The next day we proceeded South and East. We went through a little town called Bow Island, stopped at there visitor center and took these pictures. Who would have thought a bean meant so much 🙂




Later that day we made it to Writing on Stone it was amazing. We’re driving on flat land then all of a sudden there’s Hoodoos everywhere! You can walk up to the Visitor Center through the Hoodoos. There’s also a river and small beach. We all enjoyed the hike even my dog Missy!

Writing on Stone9 WOS8 WOS5 WOS4 WOS3 WOS2 WOS1

A couple days later we drove to Cyprus Hills Elk Water on the Alberta side. Really nice campground and park for the kids. We went to a nearby beach for a walk and stopped for some ice cream.

chew12 chew1 chew2 chew3 chew5 chew7 chew9

Finally made it to our destination Cyprus Hills Maple Creek on the Saskatchewan side. Our site was a little cramped but all in all it was a pretty nice place to camp. Unlimited wood but you weren’t allowed to take it away from the camping area. Nice beach nearby.

chsask4 chsask6 chsask8 chsask9 cpsask3

As we headed back home we camped at Dinosaur Provincial Park by Brooks. It was also surrounded by the Bad Lands. We had a couple rattle snakes in our site and unfortunately ran into a tree 🙁 It was a little tight.

dpp dpp2 dpp3 dpp5 dpp6 dpp9 dpp10

While camping there we went to Fort Walsh. Our camping neighbors told us to take a shortcut…wasn’t really a short cut but a cow path 🙂 We drove this road for almost an hour running into deep puddles, cows and Texas gates. We eventually made it. When we left Fort Walsh we took the highway home…much better.

fw1 fw2 fw3 fw4 fw5 fw7 fw9 fw11 fw14fw16





We finished our vacation at Pintys Campground in Drumheller. This campground is very nice owned by a very nice family. There’s no website. Sorry. I do have pictures. So just a cute little office on there land and lots of really nice camping.

pd4 pd6










While we were staying at Pintys we ran into Drumheller to do a couple things.

Stopped at the local grocery store, Fresen Bros. for groceries and noticed this very cool Dinosaur crashing through the wall!



Walked up the Worlds Largest Dinosaur at the Drumheller Visitor Center which also happened to have a pool and spray park for the kids!


pd13 pd14

pd16 pd17

That was our vacation for this year. I hope I put enough information so you all can check it out for yourselves. If you have any questions on any of the pictures just send me an email at or comment. Until my next post see you soon!


Riverview Campground, Rocky Mountain House

So last weekend we met our daughter and boyfriend at Riverview Campground just outside of Rocky Mountain House we’ve driven by there lots but didn’t realize how big it was until we checked in! The campground is so big that they have 3 different gates to enter,. Everybody has a Kubota type golf cart to escort them to there sites. We had a pull through with power and water. All the sites we’re big enough for 2 units. The staff were very nice and accommodating. I would go back again for sure. Here’s some pictures for you to check it out.


20160708_143213 20160708_171709 20160708_171716 20160708_202020 20160708_203009 20160708_203222

























Next weekend Doug and I are going to travel to Southern Saskatchewan for the first time! If there’s any sites to see please send me an email to let us know. We’re going in blind!

Necessary Life Style Changes

Making the move from a sticks and bricks home to living in an RV in order to simplify your life and cut expenses will necessitate a few life style changes. Most will be welcome, while others may take some adjustment. Can you live with these changes?

  • Give up (or put in storage) treasured collections, figurines, large wardrobes, and your vast array of tools and gadgets. Space constraints of living in an RV requires one to drastically pare down belongings and learn to simplify life.
  • Give up shopping as a pastime.One can window shop, but regular purchase of new clothes of other items will destroy your budget, even if you did have room in your RV for them.
  • Go casual. You may have been used to dressing up each day as you went to work or meetings. Full-time RVers life a casual dress life, and dressy clothes are just not important to them. Even if you camp in an expensive resort, you’ll find little use for dress-up professional clothes.
  • Learn that other full-time RVers are not impressed by what you did for a living, what you owned or how much you have. Sitting around the campfire with a group of strangers, you’ll find that only newbies ask what you did for a living.

RV Living – Bawlf, Ab. – Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all! Have a great long weekend!

Canada Day








So we went to Bawlf, Ab for the long weekend and had a blast with our friends and family! Here’s some pictures.

Bawlf or bust








The picture below was taken by a drone. This is the flying field at the Blackwells home.

Quadcopter pic of ALA








And this is how they pulled our airplane trailer around. Gotta love the farm!



My buddy Jim had an accident while flying his little electric at night.

Jims broken airplane


Tractor pool ride

















And everyone knows you have to make a yukaflux and then go on the tractor pulled pool ride!

This is one of the best flying events of the season. If you want to come check it out go to Alberta’s Littlest Airport on Facebook!