One year prior…

So 2006 we were living in a small town. Our house was the perfect size backing out onto a green space, we were just finishing renovations. That’s when we decided to sell.

We had had a Titanium 5th wheel trailer, a utility trailer and at the time 2 vehicles. Our kids were still small at the time but knew soon they would be needing a vehicle of there own as well.

My husband and I (without each other knowing) would go to the property every once in awhile and think how peaceful it is out here. So then it happened… we made plans to build on the property.

We started designing our “Dream Home”. This house was to be everything we wanted but in a “blown-up” version.

We looked at hiring a builder  but then after doing all of the designing ourselves (with help of Engineers) we decided to build the house ourselves.

My husband had some experience building as he and his dad built there house at the lake years prior. But this was no small home, it was going to be a 5000 Sq Ft walk-out bungalow, plus a 1400 Sq Ft attached garage!

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