It’s Christmas Time!

Well Christmas is  just over 2 weeks away and I feel so thankful for everything in my life on a daily basis 🙂

…I wasn’t going to decorate but the families coming over so I thought I’d do a little.

Maybe take in a couple Christmas movies with some popcorn and hot chocolate!

Hopefully it will be our last Christmas in this house as we are going to be listing it for sale in the spring!

“Being our last year” to decorate I decided to break out the Pinterest and do some different decorating 🙂

It was actually very easy to do and more up to date than my “old” decorations.

For the bathrooms…

20161208_115141 20161208_115252 20161208_114044 20161208_111438 20161208_110426

Your 4 legged friend have some bitter cold paws in this cold weather?

Try these booties! There fashionable, warm and washable!


For the kitchen…




For the living room…

20161208_121426 20161208_122007 20161208_120504

And of course the Poinsettias!



I will be adding as the days get closer to Christmas!