Riverview Campground, Rocky Mountain House

So last weekend we met our daughter and boyfriend at Riverview Campground just outside of Rocky Mountain House we’ve driven by there lots but didn’t realize how big it was until we checked in! The campground is so big that they have 3 different gates to enter,. Everybody has a Kubota type golf cart to escort them to there sites. We had a pull through with power and water. All the sites we’re big enough for 2 units. The staff were very nice and accommodating. I would go back again for sure. Here’s some pictures for you to check it out.


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Next weekend Doug and I are going to travel to Southern Saskatchewan for the first time! If there’s any sites to see please send me an email lifestylepriorities@gmail.com to let us know. We’re going in blind!

Necessary Life Style Changes

Making the move from a sticks and bricks home to living in an RV in order to simplify your life and cut expenses will necessitate a few life style changes. Most will be welcome, while others may take some adjustment. Can you live with these changes?

  • Give up (or put in storage) treasured collections, figurines, large wardrobes, and your vast array of tools and gadgets. Space constraints of living in an RV requires one to drastically pare down belongings and learn to simplify life.
  • Give up shopping as a pastime.One can window shop, but regular purchase of new clothes of other items will destroy your budget, even if you did have room in your RV for them.
  • Go casual. You may have been used to dressing up each day as you went to work or meetings. Full-time RVers life a casual dress life, and dressy clothes are just not important to them. Even if you camp in an expensive resort, you’ll find little use for dress-up professional clothes.
  • Learn that other full-time RVers are not impressed by what you did for a living, what you owned or how much you have. Sitting around the campfire with a group of strangers, you’ll find that only newbies ask what you did for a living.

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