The RV Living plan

So Doug and I were talking one evening and asked ourselves…Why are we living in such a big house, paying the utilities. Taxes, mortgage and insurance when we don’t actually spend a lot of time here? Just seemed silly.

We’ve always been avid RVers so we knew we could possibly live in a Trailer. I say possibly because a lot of people decide to do it but change there minds. But we have decided to give it a shot! Home is ...We’re not sure if we’re going to sell everything right away or rent out the house for a couple years to see how it goes. We had a 5th wheel Titanium Trailer that we lived in for the first 7 months while we were building our house so we’ve had it for approximately 11 years. As it was older and didn’t have the floor plan we were looking for in a trailer we could retire in we decided to sell it and buy a more suitable, newer Trailer.

We have a lot of things to consider while were making this drastic change in our lives.

  • Our kids
  • Our families
  • Our friends
  • Careers
  • Our assets (house, vehicles, property, flat deck, cargo trailer, tractor, outdoor maintenance machines, etc…)
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Mail delivery

I think everything is doable though.

There’s so much technology available to keep in touch with people and take care of business. We are going to be semi-retiring so we would take 6 months off and work for 6 months. If we decide to sell instead of rent we would sell everything we own except my vehicle, cargo trailer and some personal items which we would put into storage. We would have most off the mail transferred to email and the odds and ends would be probably held by our kids. Medical and dental would be handled while we are back home for the 6 month period.


So we purchased a 2015 Silverback 5th wheel trailer just recently and have been using it since April. So far we love it! My husband has added quite a few new accessories (we also had on our previous trailer) such as:

  • Solar system with 3 panels


  • Inverter


  • Wine rack (Mandatory :)) Before and after. The bottles don’t move while travelling.

Wine rack


  • Coat rack – Perfect for the RV. It’s collapsible!

coat rack

  • Shoe rack – A small entrance can be frustrating especially when you have company…this helps.

shoe rack

  • Technical accessories for the TV/Stereo so we could access Netflix, Spotify etc…We have a Passport hard drive  for rainy days movies. When we have WIFI we can stream Netflix. We have an old Iphone hooked to our stereo for music.
  • Doug has built boxes to keep everything organized under the trailer. It’s an ongoing joke that we have “a box” for everything! He has designed a box with lid and handles for our lantern, stove, BBQ and propane fire pit.


We have always done a lot of dry camping so Solar is the way to go.

25 nights and counting so far this year!

Here’s a couple more things that Doug has invented to make life easier while camping.


He got tired of using shims to level the BBQ and stove so he built this!






He also built 10 blocks with a rope handle for the jacks.









As any vehicle we have had a couple things go wrong on the trailer but got through it.  That’s why we decided to buy a year before we will move into it just to work out all the kinks.

So I thought I would give you an idea of where we use our trailer the most in a season…ever since my husband was very little he has had a love for model airplanes. We’ve been going to flying events for almost 20 years (he’s been going longer). His airplanes are very big so we have a trailer just for them. Here’s what we look like going to a flying event!


Check out this video on Quadcopter fun while it was raining on our last trip.

We don’t seem to spend a lot of time in our 5th wheel. We seem to find other “temporary” shelters to build.


Remember to check back often!