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Adopt a dog for your next Christmas gift!

This was our Christmas gift 10 years ago and we love her so much!



 Edmonton Humane Society is the best place to get the most loving and caring Christmas gift for your family and you save a life at the same time!

We started adopting dogs when the kids were very small and ever since that we’ve always had a dog in our family. The first dog we adopted was Shep and she was a beautiful Shepard/Lab cross she got very sick and passed away at age 13 after that we decided no more dogs…too much responsibility for young kids. But then…

Christmas time 10 years ago we decided as a family we wanted to adopt another dog so away we went to the Edmonton Humane Society . When we got there it was very overwhelming there were all kinds of cats and dogs making all kinds of sounds. We walked around for awhile almost in tears because we wanted to take them all home but could only have one.

We wanted a mixed breed, we had narrowed it down to two.  One was on top of her bed barking and the other was under her bed not making any noise just looking at us with those sad eyes.  The kids chose Dorla. She was the sweetest pup ever and so cute. After we got all the paperwork out of the way we took her to her new home it wasn’t long before we changed her name to Missy. 


Missy loves her hugs and cuddles. She’s a very smart pup and very well behaved we even have a family with 3 kids that puppy sit her once in awhile. We’ve always trained our dogs not to go on the furniture and hardwood floors but this family spoils her rotten.

She is an indoor/outdoor dog which means she sheds like crazy! Sometimes the kids make another Missy out her LOL. 

Missy loves the outdoors. We go camping all summer from April to October. She gets so excited sometimes she cries to get out of the vehicle! She’s an awesome traveller and can be happy anywhere.


She’s getting to be an old girl now but we still call her our pup ♥

Just remember that this gift is the best, it will bring love and laughter to your families for a very long time. Go visit the Edmonton Humane Society.

The SPCA (Edmonton Humane Society) is open:

Adoption Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12 – 7pm
Wednesday 2 – 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday 12 – 5 pm
Holidays (Excluding Mondays) 1 – 5 pm

If you were to adopt a dog or cat what breed would you choose? And Why?

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