The Bawlf Wedding!

So I’m going to tell you a little story.

My family has been going to a friends farm called Alberta’s Littlest Airport just outside of Bawlf Alberta for years. It’s one of the flying events that have kept us coming back because of the owners and people that are there every year including all the kids who have grown up there.

The guys fly , the kids play and the rest of us  relax and visit. The kids have grown close to each other as well as the adults. Relationships have transpired with some of the “Bawlf” kids. Some still going today and some not.

So on this weekend we attended a wedding at the Alberta’s Littlest Airport  that was for “Bawlf Family” only. We were so honored to be invited. Terry Lynn and Skylar met at ALA 4 years ago and decided to get married at the exact same location that they met.

They had the reception in Harvard Hall. This is a lean too building that every body visits in just off the flight line. It’s called Harvard Hall because for years the Blackwells (owners of the farm) had there friends do a fly by with their Harvards.

They did a lot of work to get Harvard Hall looking awesome!


20160813_115701Harvard Hall 20160813_114924 20160813_114919 20160813_114858 20160813_114847

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It was a very casual wedding. Not at all stressful like some are 🙁

Here’s a couple pics of the happy couple and SOME of the original Bawlf kids.

13939472_10153708125602414_669570301571308209_n 13962980_1191787210878783_8910749288171600091_o 20160813_152300

It was a great weekend for all! I would highly recommend checking out this facility on any weekend there’s a flying event. The people are awesome!

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