First step of our retirement…

So since I posted last we have camped almost every weekend, bought an RV lot at a local campground and have put the acreage up for sale.

Yes it’s been a busy Spring/Summer so far.

When we purchased the lot we started cleaning it up right away…tore down most of the fence and burned it, cut the grass and stained the deck and shed deck. Looks much better now but still lots to do.

We go for walks every night and found this little pig on a leash…so cute. The people are very nice; smiling, waving and go out of their way to socialize.

The beach area is really nice for an “Alberta Beach” the sand is combed every day, the playground is old but nice, they have a huge fire pit area to accommodate a large crowd and they have a recreation center to rent for big get togethers.

The campground still needs lots of TLC but we thought it was a good location and could fit all the vehicles on the lot without being cramped. Next year we will build a better deck, firepit area and workshop for my husband. This year we’ll just leave it as is and enjoy 🙂

The RV Living plan

So Doug and I were talking one evening and asked ourselves…Why are we living in such a big house, paying the utilities. Taxes, mortgage and insurance when we don’t actually spend a lot of time here? Just seemed silly.

We’ve always been avid RVers so we knew we could possibly live in a Trailer. I say possibly because a lot of people decide to do it but change there minds. But we have decided to give it a shot! Home is ...We’re not sure if we’re going to sell everything right away or rent out the house for a couple years to see how it goes. We had a 5th wheel Titanium Trailer that we lived in for the first 7 months while we were building our house so we’ve had it for approximately 11 years. As it was older and didn’t have the floor plan we were looking for in a trailer we could retire in we decided to sell it and buy a more suitable, newer Trailer.

We have a lot of things to consider while were making this drastic change in our lives.

  • Our kids
  • Our families
  • Our friends
  • Careers
  • Our assets (house, vehicles, property, flat deck, cargo trailer, tractor, outdoor maintenance machines, etc…)
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Mail delivery

I think everything is doable though.

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